Giving Back


We all have so many wonderful memories of our time at Middletown High School and as we still say today, once an Islander, always an Islander.

The MHS Alumni Association believes that it is equally important to give back to this place we once called home.  In this day and age of slashing municipal budgets, the support of our Alumni is more important than ever.  To date, MHS is looking for support in a number of areas:

technology, building upgrades and academic resources.

In addition, the MHS Alumni Association strives to fund post graduate academic scholarships for students who choose to further their academic or job training pursuits.

We hope that you will join us to support our Alma Mater and ensure that the MHS students of today have an opportunity to  make us proud in every way.

Please consider donating to the MHS Alumni Association today!

Make your check or money order payable to:

MHS Alumni Association
P O Box 4302
Middletown  RI  02842